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current obsessions – contributor victoria – cropped hair

29 Aug
August 29, 2011
Current obsession:  Short Hair
While I’ve been known to post obsessively about my love for the top knot, I also have a lifelong love and adoration for boy-short hair.  Imagine how pleased I’ve been that cute, punky cuts have been popping up a lot lately amidst the long braided hair-do’s.  After growing my hair out for 3 years, I recently and spontaneously went to a new place downtown to get my  hair cut short – and the lovely man said … No.  He thinks women should have long hair.  I thanked him for his time, and promptly went to my standby salon (never should have cheated in the first place!) and got my mane chopped.  Ladies, it feels good.
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inspiration addiction – pinterest – virtual hoarder

26 Aug
August 26, 2011

although i have very little extra time with the newest addition to our life, a full time job, and sleeping… i’ve been making time for PINTEREST.  are you addicted?  i downloaded that app faster than you can say ‘pin it!’ and every night before i start snoring away, i pin a few little tidbits.  here’s a few inspirations…

jill is one crafty mother, and my kid is totally ripping off her kid’s costume.  add a mustache… done!

you probably don’t know this, but i have a pen habit.  see the tutorial for this pen can lazy susan, or be inspired to make your own.  i went to value village one afternoon, and spent about $25 to make this… (crap cell phone pic, apologies)

fall is on it’s way (did we ever have summer?) i’m finding tons of images of covetable style

this weekend i’ll be scheduling some posts… as you’ve seen, some lovely ladies have decided to join me on n+t, can’t wait to have them here for some style sighting company and contributing their personal style inspiration.

needle buzz – we were featured!

03 Jun
June 3, 2010

so this first picture come from a magazine in singapore- chic magazine.  apparently they liked the military boot trend, and asked to use the photos in their trend report form around the world.  cool!  love that needle+thread has reached such a global audience!

this second photo was featured on the eyes on fremont blog! thanks to gus for posing on that sunny sunny day!

we play favourites – antonio – blogmeetblog

07 Dec
December 7, 2009
From needle+thread

you may have seen the video i linked to about the meetup, it was crafted by this handy man… antonio. i sent him a note asking if there was more to come from visualtypenoise, but haven’t heard back.

we were featured – blogmeetblog – blog sightings

30 Nov
November 30, 2009

i would be remiss not to do a round up of all the bloggers who mentioned our meetup. we were glad to have you, happy you came, and so many of you creatively expressed your thoughts of the night. thank you! if you weren’t mentioned, send me a note, and i’ll add you in! next event- spring 2010!

From needle+thread

first up- the lovely rebecca- my co-host and THE clothes horse did a great write up (AND managed to be better at taking photos than my ADD self), you should check it out.

From needle+thread

next- the magpie. after reading her post… i felt that she got the gyst of what i went after when dreaming up what this party could be, and that was community. i love her nimble collages (mine take forever, so i’m less likely to make them) and her juxtaposition of pretty fonts/words and the comprehensive rundown. nice. and thank you!  you’ll see a picture of her later this week.

From needle+thread

hey pretty thing took a photo and posted about the meetup- thank you!  i’m not sure that we met, but congrats on winning one of the giveaways!

From needle+thread

kristina from beauty revolution magazine blog brought mike adams to photograph, and it was so great to see what was going on all over the boconcept showroom- love the images they were able to capture of the event, thank you mike and kristina!

it was super fun to come across this link from visualtypenoise, thanks for the video antonio! (i’m assuming that’s your name, it was on the belt buckle, and i didn’t come across your card!)

From needle+thread

fashion for nerds made it, even with a cold. great to meet you and glad you liked the party!

From needle+thread

last days of light had such kind words about the party, and managed to post the most photos… you can see so many of the great attendees/bloggers in her post. thank you!

From needle+thread

copystrands did a great list of some of our sponsors, and got some pictures of the podogs- thanks for the mention!

From needle+thread

and finally… tarah from urban fashion network did a write up and posted all of mike’s great pics. thank you and thanks for making it!

neiman marcus – opening gala – bellevue

13 Sep
September 13, 2009
From needle+thread

for those of you not on twitter, or facebook, following ANY seattle publications or living under a non-materialistic rock… there’s a new shopping area in bellevue. it’s called ‘the bravern’. it is VERY posh, and i can see myself making the pilgrimage over the water maybe twice a year to ohhh and ahhh over all the pretty things that they have to offer, having lunch with a girlfriend or visiting relative, and maybe indulging in some fashion fantasy where i pluck up the nerve and buy something- i’m picturing a handbag (i HAVE looked everywhere for a new fall handbag) or some very coveted shoes… anyway, kindness was bestowed upon me by darrah– she invited me along for the press tour, and then the opening neiman’s gala. wow, wow, and wow. if you thought nordstrom designer preview was fancy… i could have done a week’s worth of posts just about the CARS (i should have, love me some top gear). anyway, check back to see who i caught, and the style they rocked at this not to be missed event… there was some amazing fashion…

stylish creativity

21 Jul
July 21, 2009

1 girl. 7 dresses, all the same. 365 days. if you haven’t seen ‘the uniform project‘, you should check it out. an inspiration to those of us who feel the pinch of the economy (see laid off clothing designer…) i found picture after picture of vintage, reused, repurposed and donated… and seriously felt my spirit lift. i forget that you don’t have to buy new things to have something new. seeing your closet with new eyes, or even with a friend’s opinion can change how you’ll put something together. that’s really cool.

sartorially speaking

20 Jul
July 20, 2009

if you love the sartorialist you can now peruse his great snaps on paper whenever the mood strikes you.  he blogged about it’s impending arrival back in january, and now you can pre-order the book on amazon.  looks like the cover shot is CITY editor julie ragolia as reported by refinery29 here.

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