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make it – make-up tea service

28 Oct
October 28, 2015

i have a lot of really ridiculous wants. and when you live in a tiny house, you have to be pretty selective about ridiculousness. like, for instance. books. do you want books, or do you want fabric? these are tough discussions i have in my head pretty much any time i think of procuring something. recently visiting my mom, she was wanting to gift me some things. cool things, vintage things. things i’m sure 10 year ago me would have been all over. but now i have in my house: 2 more people, yards more fabric, billions of kid toys… and i have to think… no. sadly. no.

but. things that have dual purpose? yes. cool old things that can be repurposed. of course. i’ve have wanted a tea service for forever. it’s a childish thing maybe, tea parties, old school movies where the classy lady Read more →

make it – resolution sheet – 2015

29 Jan
January 29, 2015

it’s been a hard path back to being on the computer… i’ve been reading, and sewing, and making. it’s been nice. i took december off from blogging to really assess if i have anything to say. i think this space has slowly evolved. and i think the things i feel like sharing are… i don’t know, maybe more inspiration based than ‘things’ based. i love inspiration… where it takes you, who it inspires. there’s hope and possibility in sharing it. i love that idea.

i did this sheet again this year, even though i had ZERO success with it last year. i think it’s a good exercise. a take stock type of thing. do i think i’ll stick to all of these? who knows. i’m not ruling it out (negative). and i do think it gives focus (positive!). i kept it in my calendar last year, and looked at it about once a month. some of the things from last year, i still want to do. and just because the year’s over, it’s not like there’s an expiration on them.

do you make resolutions? how do you feel about them mid-way through the year? i’ve seen many people coming up with a phrase for the year… a kind of motto. i like that idea too, but it seems a bit daunting. one phrase or word to keep in your mind all through the year… unsure. maybe i’ll check back in on the sheet around june… i’ve got a milestone coming up then. might be the perfect time.

want a resolution sheet of your own? click that button! (i think the only thing required is an email address- it’s free!)

do it – calendar – daily planner

30 Oct
October 30, 2014

so i recently flipped for the new sugar paper la for target line. mainly because last year i wasn’t working, and didn’t get my yearly nordstrom calendar (perk of working, free cool office shit). then i saw this planner on IG, went on the hunt, missed it in the store by a month or so, tracked one down, paid 3 times what they sold for. not. cool.

this year, i determined to be on it. but when the line launched on the sugar paper site, you couldn’t really tell what stuff looked like. so off to target. not stocked yet. at two different stores. begged employees. banded together with other shoppers and camped out. ok, it was only for 5 minutes, but when i asked, and another lady heard me asking, she zoomed over, and was like… i’m here for that too! then another lady. then we had a contingent, and they dug it out of the back. that much fun for $10 is hard to pass up. easy thrills.

i like my daily calendar. i like my stickies, i like my lists. i like checking it through the day and putting big colorful X’s through things that need big, sloppy, colorful X’s. i like buying a pack of stickers each month and doing birthdays. holidays, special days. let’s get real, i apparently like wasting time. but… it actually helps, and i do better when i ‘plan’.

want a FREE daily planner sheet? click here. want 7 PRETTY COLORED sheets (one for each day of the week)? click on the button below and fill out the easiest paypal form you’ve ever seen. you’ll get a lot organized satisfaction for $3. guaranteed.

make it – organization – meal planning

17 Oct
October 17, 2014

every once in a while, i get my act together and actually get something useful done. one of my favorite examples of said rad-ness, is meal planning.

back before #2 came, i had this system down where i had 6 weeks of dinners planned and 6 weeks of weekly corresponding grocery lists, and it was like CLOCKWORK. then, well, you know, things change.

but! today i can happily report that i have 3 weeks of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and SNACKS planned, with prep and shopping lists. i’ve expanded the plans to account more for dining out, leftovers and freezing. i’ve become a little more realistic about what i’m really interested in tackling (max 2 new recipes a week) and i’ve even allotted a few pre-made meals and packaged dinners. it feels DOABLE. it’s also extremely satisfying to pull out the chart and have one less thing to figure out. i’m halfway to my goal of 6 weeks planned.

i keep a binder with the color coded plans, and put all recipes for that week, behind them. i call out on each printed recipe, key ingredients in bold print at the upper right corner (makes prep and shopping lists FAST), and even have a section for things i want to try for future meals. interested in meal planning? i’ve made a pdf of 6 color coded meal planning sheets available for a little more than the cost of a latte ($5 via paypal). included: 6 color coded sheets, a sample sheet so you can see how i fill them out, and a blank shopping list as a small special bonus. want one sheet for free? here you go!

i’m always planning my next meal (no seriously, when are we eating), to that end, here’s where i virtual hoard all the things i want to eat.

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