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well, hello stranger… and guided by voices

07 Feb
February 7, 2011

holy cow.  somewhere i’ve lost a few months of my life.  it’s been… occupying.  this pregnancy thing, it’s a doozy.  i’d take the photos, and then not have the energy to do anything with them.  never mind that my studio was in the basement.  now that we’ve rearranged, and *ahem* sloooooowwwwly started getting some of this house in order (baby room? not quite), i’m ready to finally get some posts together.

i think for the duration of the weeks i have left (that would be 8, god willing), i may just post things i find interesting.  it’s hard for me to take photos, and honestly, hard to carry around the extra weight of the camera.  i miss my camera.  i miss being able to get low to take a photo, and now that i’m being honest, miss being able to get up on my own from getting low.  you get the gist.  enjoy some of these older shots, and in the meantime, i’ll be working on getting some inspiration posts together.  it may not be seattle street style, but i’ll do my best.

xoxox- k. Read more →

listen – day 2 – bumbershoot

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

wildly behind in getting these up… but better late than never.  i think i mentioned i had a great time at bumbershoot, and saw a lot of new (to me) and stellar bands.  biggest surprises- hey marseilles and the lonely h.  happy to see again- crash kings.  enjoy! for all the bands i saw on sunday, click Read more →

listen – bumbershoot – day 1

08 Sep
September 8, 2010

every year i’m impressed by how well bumbershoot puts on an enormous show.  just like i have my favourite fashion-show-throwers, a music festival shouldn’t be a beating (*ahem*capitol hill).  you should know where the gate is, know where the stages are, know who’s doing what, when.  and although every year i’m a little put off by the crowds, i never once think, i wish this could be more seamless.  from the ease of press entrance, a badge being your ID, schedules that are pretty strictly adhered to.  it makes it easy to enjoy the music.  which is just what we did.  thanks for having us, and thanks for letting me capture some of the rock.  for all photos, click Read more →

listen – rush – white river amphitheater

10 Aug
August 10, 2010

rush 2010 white river

first of all, for anyone who’s never been to white river amphitheater… give yourself more than 2 hours to get there.  actually, go ahead and give yourself 3.  pretend you’re driving to portland.  and while you’re at it, leave the concert early or you may never see your home again.

i exaggerate.  but seriously.  i gave myself what i thought was PLENTY of time to get there.  thanks to dagmar, i had pit access at an arena show.  i’ve never had pit access at an arena show.  i was excited.  and 10 minutes after the band was slated to go on, i was still in my car.  praying to whoever, wherever that i’d be able to get one song worth of photos.

i don’t have to give you all the drama.  i will say, rush gave an amazing performance.  my husband, who has been a DEVOTED rush fan for well over half his life, came back to the car giddy with excitement, and we talked the show most of the way home (40 minutes with no traffic).  i enjoy having these photos as a gift to give him, and recording one of his all time favourite bands. (for a rush review) for all the photos, click  Read more →

day 1 – capitol hill block party – the first few hours

25 Jul
July 25, 2010

i was uber excited to see a few of the bands playing friday. like… jazzed.  so when i got there (after work), and the ‘will call’ line stretched two blocks, i waited.  then when my tickets were in the ‘guest list’ line… i tried to shake it off.  i was doing pretty well.  thinking… man, this is way better than i thought it’d be.  then, bang. no breathing room.  no moving room.  drunk people. elbows. and suddenly, i realized the photos weren’t worth it.  i liked the few bands i got to see. and having been to my share of music festivals, i am by no means, a baby.  i just think CHBP is still figuring it out.  should a photographer have to shove through over a block long area of people to get photos, and then… shove your way back out?  maybe.  but it detracts from the experience. everything i’ve been reading seems to show people are enjoying themselves… and the music.  i’ve seen a lot of amazing photos, and think maybe it’s just not my thing.  give me bumbershoot, wide open spaces, years of experience, and just around the corner.  for all of my CHBP photos, click Read more →

listen – tool – key arena

12 Jul
July 12, 2010

my husband has six tool albums.  when i said i was going to take photos… he played me some songs.  since i have a fairly open music mind, and it wasn’t reggae, i didn’t hate it.  since i’ve also been to too many shows lately, with inadequate ear protection, i decided to invest in serious earplugs.  call me granny, but i can’t stand the ear ringing after a show anymore.  the helpful clerk at guitar center sold me some plugs, inquiring if i was going to see tool.  i was somewhat surprised by the question and asked why he was asking.  ‘people have been buying them all day for the tool show.’  apparently i was on the right track to the type of music it was.  even the general masses thought they needed to protect their eardrums.

this is in no way a review.  i will gladly listen to some of the albums, and tell you what i think (over a beer).  but i was in key arena to shoot photos for ONE SONG.  and although i was given a ticket (which i think is generous for a show that sold out in 40 minutes) i wasn’t allowed to bring in my many thousands of dollars of camera gear, and since i was dropped off, there wasn’t really anywhere to put it, so i wasn’t able to stay.

i will tell you what i find most interesting- lead singer maynard keenan has bought land and built a vineyard in arizona (my home state).  people seem very passionate about tool’s music.  i love that on top of inspiring millions of fans with music, he’s also pursuing this role of making small batch wines.  his first wine was named after his mother.  here’s to artists who inspire, cross genre.

for info about tool, for info about the documentary- blood into wine and for the rest of my photos be sure to click Read more →

listen – she wants revenge – showbox sodo

22 Jun
June 22, 2010

she wants revenge seattle set list

i’m not so pleased with most of my photos from this show. but instead of being a whiny baby about it, i’ll just post them, forget about them, and remember hearing some of my favourite SWR songs live. the red lights are such a beating. i’m taking suggestions for how to deal with them.  for all the photos click Read more →

listen – psychedelic furs – showbox sodo

21 Jun
June 21, 2010

this show has been on my calendar for AGES! i love she wants revenge, and was so excited to see they were opening for PHSYCHEDELIC FURS!! are you kidding me? although you undoubtedly know ‘pretty in pink’, i was excited to hear ‘heaven’ and ‘hearbeat’.  richard’s gravelly voice is killer and it was such a good show!

here’s my photos of the furs- for all of them, be sure to click Read more →

runway style – seth aaron – sam remix – seattle

08 Jun
June 8, 2010

i’m easily nervous. i have trouble walking up to cool looking (unknown) people from my own city, and asking for pictures. so when i sent the email asking to take photos of seth… i fully expected… nothing. then when i got the email saying it was on, i hyperventilated.

even though i’m a clothing designer, i’d never really watched project runway, till logan was on (what a god-awful BORING season).  i started last season with the ultimatum that if it didn’t grab me, right from the start… it was off the dvr list.  and right from the start, i loved last season.  ping… GOD… PING!  anthony, jay… maya.  and couldn’t you see, early on, that it was going to be mila, emilio and seth?  when it got to the end, i swore i would be done with p.r. FOREVER if seth didn’t win (that crap with maya not winning the print epi was LAME- don’t believe me? read tim gunn’s blog).

anyway- seth showed up at sam remix.  i’m not sure what prompted me to ask for photos… but it was a thoroughly lovely (clammy, on my part) 5 minutes.  i hope you enjoy them.  they might look familiar (in location).  such a cool museum we have.  full of fun little nooks and crannies.  and thanks to seth for indulging me.  and being inspiring, chasing his dream, and fucking setting the bar for what can be achieved in a couple months.  that collection rocked my socks and inspired me to work harder personally as a designer.

p.s. nice bauhaus tee.  such a rock star. Read more →

jet – showbox market – downtown seattle

24 Mar
March 24, 2010
From needle+thread

jet came out and rocked the showbox. you know it’s a good show at the showbox when the floor’s moving… Read more →

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