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mixed print – sommer – ballard

06 Sep
September 6, 2011

great bags – mila – ballard

30 Aug
August 30, 2011

allie and i decided to hit the ballard market this past sunday, and it was packed.  apparently everyone wants to soak up the quasi-sunshine (before it’s gone again) and there was no shortage of people to snap… we loved mila’s bright bags, i think she said she picked them up in italy?  of course…

enjoy the photos over the next couple of weeks…

current obsessions – contributor victoria – cropped hair

29 Aug
August 29, 2011
Current obsession:  Short Hair
While I’ve been known to post obsessively about my love for the top knot, I also have a lifelong love and adoration for boy-short hair.  Imagine how pleased I’ve been that cute, punky cuts have been popping up a lot lately amidst the long braided hair-do’s.  After growing my hair out for 3 years, I recently and spontaneously went to a new place downtown to get my  hair cut short – and the lovely man said … No.  He thinks women should have long hair.  I thanked him for his time, and promptly went to my standby salon (never should have cheated in the first place!) and got my mane chopped.  Ladies, it feels good.
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classic – ??? – downtown seattle

07 Jul
July 7, 2010

remember when we were all complaining because it was summer/winter.  well, i hear you won’t need your jacket today!  aren’t you jazzed summer finally showed up?

the fash pack – stephanie – downtown seattle

25 Jun
June 25, 2010

there’s kind of a fashion nucleus centered around the big N (as i’ve referred to it for many years). i’ve noticed it before, and if you want an easy photo… all you have to do is stand at the corner of 6th and pine. stephanie said she’d been asked for 3 photos this week.  i loved a) her hair– wish i would have asked for a side shot.  it was a dark brown fade? would that be the word? and practically a mohawk… but completely chic.  and b) those shoes.

happy friday!

boots + denim – shana – downtown seattle

04 Jun
June 4, 2010

one of those easy things that can be interpreted a zillion ways.

shana is the end of the series! have a great weekend, and see you monday with sam remix and maybe a special surprise or two… xoxo- k.

pretty in print – laura – south downtown seattle

30 Apr
April 30, 2010

what a night last night! so much fun, so many interesting (and well dressed) people… where to begin? laura cassidy of wear what when on seattle met magazine (pictured above) asked me to come and ‘do what you do’. we’ll consider it scene capturing… mingling, talking about style, checking out the 2000 degree pizza oven from via tribunali. figures i go to a fashion show and end up listening to hip hop and watching the boys make pizza.  so much to see, and so much to document.  check back next week for my shots from the night.  i’ll also be posting a photo an hour starting 12am tomorrow (cause you know i’ll be up sewing)…

cute shoes – aleisha – SAMRemix – downtown seattle

08 Mar
March 8, 2010
From needle+thread

mixed plaids – sakshi – capitol hill

04 Jan
January 4, 2010
From needle+thread

the small things – jackie – downtown seattle

29 Oct
October 29, 2009
From needle+thread

i wear glasses.  i often think when i wear glasses that i shouldn’t accessorize.  i loved seeing jackie’s earrings, glasses, scarf… it wasn’t too much.  and although her look is casual, it still has personality.  the retro colors in the scarf are perfect…

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