dressing a kid – spring edition – baby girl

03 Apr
April 3, 2014

i thought i’d be better at this.  i’ve designed kid’s clothes for years.  i’ve been opinionated and researched… i’ve followed how kids dress since long before i’d even thought i’d have any.  then you have one, and suddenly you realize… they need to be warm.  they have opinions of their own (didn’t see that one coming). retail doesn’t support what the actual weather is (when will THAT happen- does it really need to be all shorts in february?).  it’s hard.  and i started with a boy, so… now i have a girl, and i remember how i used to dress him, and they don’t even sell clothes like that for girls.  he used to be comfy.  dresses?  when do you put on a dress?  every day?  it’s impossible to crawl in a dress.  it’s boggling.  but we have a first birthday approaching, so i thought i’d see what’s out there.  this is what i came up with.  of course i’m not buying any of it.  i’m considering buying fabric and making something.  but it’s good inspiration.  and since the high is 57 today, i might have to pick up a cardi and some tights.

first row- crew cuts – that’s a cashmere sweater and the little dress is a liberty print!

second row- gap – by far my fave, i’m in love with the kelly and navy.

third row – target – i wanted that cardigan in every color- so cute and affordable.

fourth row – old navy – that $9 dress is can’t miss, and it comes in 6 different prints.


waistcoat + tie – scott – ballard sunday market

02 Apr
April 2, 2014


can you believe i actually asked someone for a photo?  me neither.  the last time i posted a style photo was last september!  and that photo was one i’d found that i never posted.  who knows when i actually took it!  it was nice to get out this weekend, even if it was the briefest of trips (sooooo windy and cold that morning, and TWO whiny kids who needed food).  i’m hoping for more excursions and getting about as it slowly warms/dries.

10 kitchen improvements – under a week – under 2k

01 Apr
April 1, 2014

1- grime and grime and grime and grime under the lip of this ancient counter.  soap, toothbrush, and then PAINT.

2- cool old what might have been copper cupboard vent.  under 4 layers of paint.  scraped and painted.

3- original hardware.  who knew a long soak in hot water would get off every speck of paint? Read more →

getting out – viola+penny+poppy – greenwood

31 Mar
March 31, 2014

it’s cold but it’s sunny.  thank goodness.  which means MORE TIME OUTDOORS.  double thank goodness.  i’ve taken my camera out, and tried to re-aquaint myself.  messing about with kids is good practice, and this weekend, i actually stopped someone and asked for a photo.  bless him.  i forgot how it makes me feel like people must think i’m deranged.  which, not too far off… but, for a purpose.  i’ll be posting steady this week.  that sunshine is powering my mood.

10 things i didn’t consider saying 5 years ago – mom edition

27 Mar
March 27, 2014

so… sometimes i feel like posting about kids.  and momming.  i’m someone’s mom.  that thought STILL blows me away.  i’m responsible for TWO more humans.  part of my brain will always be thinking about them (surely some of the reason it no longer works so well).  i think i always thought i’d have kids, but no amount of pondering that idea will prepare you for the actuality.  you want kids?  you wonder why moms you know are just a little… off?  i mean, how hard could it be?  everyone has been doing it forever… yeah.  it’s about 40 times harder than my ‘it’s going to be hard’ imaginings.  it changes every day.  every day there’s some new something that one of those kids does, and i think.  i’m never going to get the hang of this.  whatever.  none of it is the end of the world.  it’s just somewhat exhausting.  but every once in a while, my husband or i will say or do something, and i think of the look on the face of my 5 year ago self (no kids).  my 10 year ago self (not married).  it usually makes me grin.  like an idiot.  here’s a list of some things that make me smile, and if you’re horrified, remember these things when you come across that poor lady with two screaming kids in target.  she could probably use some empathy.

1- it’s just a little bit of poop.  on my hand, on their clothes, on the table.  i know.  i know.  it’s disgusting.  but i have had the thought- it’s only a little bit, and gone on about my business after a quick hand wash or wipe swipe.  does my house need a thorough cleaning?  yes.  with a fire hose.  do i care.  not really. (also not worth worrying about- spit up, a little vomit, wee, and nose goblins)

2- let’s meet at the restaurant at 4:30.  FOR DINNER.  Aggghhhhh.  this one still kills me.  who eats dinner at 4:30?  i do.  i have to.  i have two kids who have to be in bed no later than 7:30.  if we spend an hour and a half at a restaurant, that leaves us an hour to get ready for bed and a half an hour to actually get into bed.  do you know how slowly toddlers move?  you don’t.  or you’d be thinking, i bet we could get to the restaurant at 4.

3- she just threw up all over me.  i don’t think i’d ever had the pleasure of getting vomit on any part of my upper body from another human.   Read more →

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