make it – pineapple mini quilt

03 Jul
July 3, 2015

i think sometimes i think i have more free time than i actually have. last count i think i was somewhere around 361 started projects. i kid! but seriously…

i joined this mini swap forever ago. and had finally nailed down what i wanted to do. actually, i knew exactly what i wanted to do, but couldn’t figure it out. think kaleidoscope, meets fractals, meets… ZZZZZZzzzzzzz. no sleep. so- i had also been eyeing lots of pineapple blocks, and thought since i couldn’t button up that kaleidoscope business, that this idea would work perfectly with the colors i wanted. then i went to art walk (at the start of june) down in pioneer square, and found the most amazing solids at dry goods in a bundle with some more cotton and steel… even better!

this is the mini i made. my partner said she liked orange, so that was a starting point. this pattern was with red pepper quilts, and i used a tutorial from a little bit biased for construction. it was by no means super easy, but… i don’t know. there was something methodical and relaxing watching it take shape. also, not super quick. but really gratifying when all done. i wish i had the commitment/TIME to make a whole quilt of this. an oatmeal shot cotton with some dreamy soft plaids….maybe someday.

happy weekend and have a safe fourth!

our {fave} kids books – i want my hat back

01 Jul
July 1, 2015

my kids are book junkies. like their mother. ok, and father (masters in english). soooooo. we have lots of books. it’s started to get so nuts, i’ve implemented the ‘try before you buy’ rule. we get our book fix at the library, and if it’s a hit, it gets added to the wish list on amazon. grandparents love to indulge, and what better way than NEW BOOKS. nothing comes to mind. (i lie. legos, stuffed animals, CANDY- you know who you are grandparents)

jon klassen was a find from target, i think. we started with ‘i want my hat back’, but ‘extra yarn’, ‘this is not my hat’, ‘cats night out’ and ‘sam and dave dig a hole’ were soon to follow. cute, short, and plenty to look at and love. i love the inky drawings and simple expression. the red page is classic (you know!) and cracks my 4 year old up every time.

good kids books (with lovely art). love em!

monday motivation – hand lettered

29 Jun
June 29, 2015

so. i’ve been following along to a crazy amount of new people on instagram (and deleting a bunch of feeds that don’t interest me much anymore) and i’ve found all these amazing feeds for hand lettering, lettering projects, and prompts to get you into the mood to create.

since i’ve wanted to take a calligraphy class for forever, i’ve decided to stop procrastinating and find one. even if i have to go alone. which is likely. i think paper source offers a couple a month, and they’re relatively affordable.

the above was prompted by @jennymaiedae of she’s compiling ideas for july and her feed if full of great prints and images for lettering.

happy monday! xo-k.

print contest – spoonflower – voting open

21 May
May 21, 2015

voting is now open on the spoonflower challenge- there are some ADORABLE prints entered. you can vote for as many as you like.

i’ve figured out so much during this process, and although i’m not 100% satisfied with my design (and how it represents on their site), i’m so excited that i got motivated and turned something in. sometimes it’s just about getting it out there, not making it perfect.

here’s the link to vote!

UPDATE: i was able to adjust the color on my entry! this reads so much brighter, and i’m much happier- whew!

monday motivation (on tuesday) – watercolor

19 May
May 19, 2015

i got a wee bit behind this week. i’m still not sure how. i’ve forgotten all sorts of bits, and i think my brain is still unsure that it’s nearing on late may. really? how is that.

this was a watercolor that i did for my mom for mother’s day. i also did this same phrase using masking fluid. it must be an acquired taste, because i absolutely thought it was awful, and achieved horrid results.

but this? i did like how this turned out. another phrase using just one color.

up tomorrow, voting begins on the spoonflower mermaid print. that’s kind of fun. i know any of the contest things i’ve done have been hit and miss (mostly miss), but they have been fun to do, nevertheless. i’m excited to see if there’s any feedback, and it’s always nice to see something you’ve done getting actual votes.

to your inspired week! k.



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