do it – nap time spa

27 Sep
September 27, 2014

yesterday after a trip to target, i decided nap time was going to be ME time. i gathered all the essentials, and once everyone was down, indulged in some good ole girl-type pampering. it was no trip to habitude to be sure. but 24 hours later, the effects are still EVIDENT. and i’m inspired to get even more creative next time. like… a hair treatment or… wine. i don’t know. here’s the basics of what i did. that $2 face mask from target- GLORIOUS. go ahead- splurge!

1- keiko is the cutest. and she does great tutorials. and she has a line of cute glasses. THE. CUTEST. everything. wrapped my hair up just like this so it was outta my face for spa time. (photo credit- keiko-lynn)

2-pre mask wash with my clarisonic. the very dramatic man who sold this to me at nordstrom, told me it changed his life. he also suggested i buy a chanel face wash that was also life changing, and around $60. i buy olay cream cleanser from target, and think if a face washing utensil can change your life, maybe you have bigger problems than a dirty face. but it gets the job done, and i do have a clean face after. win win.

3-by far the highlight of nap spa, this little packet of face mask was the best! yes i got anti aging, because OLD. and yes, it did the trick. at one point during the day i caught site of my face in a mirror and was like- oh! so… yeah, that’s good.

4- fresh seaberry face oil. i’m trying not to be addicted to this, but i am. it’s not ‘life changing’ by any means, but after having kids, my face has been… weird? i don’t know… lizard-ish (i’m a beauty guru, admit it). anyway, this stuff makes it feel like my face again. which is nice.

5-i think i’ve bought these as a gift for every person i know. have we talked about my chapstick addiction? anyway, these are probably for preteen girls, but all women are preteen girls on the inside and i love these. i can’t quite find the lipstick of my dreams (because it doesn’t exist) but these are just the right bit of chapstick + hint of color, and also- super moisturizing. this one is called peach kiss.

6-part of my chapstick hoard- i’m about the layering. this actually smells of sugar. after this combo, my lips felt so good!

7-making a kid is literally being sucked dry of all essential nutrients. then you breastfeed for another…oh, 15 months or so, and your body gives away more of the good stuff. my nails (and skin and hair) have been a mess. i’ve never had an issue with my nails (or skin, or hair), but they’re a flakey situation. i thought i’d try this stuff, because, hello, it has miracle in the name!

and that was nap time spa! about 20 minutes of indulge for about $10. the other 20 minutes was spent folding laundry. but my face looked really good while i folded that laundry…

(sorry there aren’t more hyper links- wordpress update issue, and i ran out of kid-free time- will add as time permits)

do it – vote – stevie nicks shawl contest

22 Sep
September 22, 2014

sooo… a friend on facebook sent me this, and… i don’t know, something about it. first off, when you think of stevie nicks, you can probably 100% picture her style, right? reading articles where she’s commented on how she dresses, it started out as a way to feel safe in front of so many people. fleetwood mac was bigtime when nicks was relatively young. she wore layers and layers as a way of protecting who she was, and it all had that gypsy bohême look, and suddenly, it was… her look.

i’m still not sure… there are over 630 entries. some of them, AMAZING. if you feel like checking it out, i’d love for you to consider voting for my design. i’ve seen designs on there that i think are amazing that have zero votes… luckily there are two prizes. one for most votes, and one chosen by stevie herself.

although i’ve never designed something like a shawl, sometimes it’s just nice to get out of your rut and do something new… don’t you think? thoroughly enjoyable… and clicking through photos of stevie nicks in the 70’s and listening to rumors- i’m all inspired for fall.

want to see some truly amazing pieces- girl on a vine has kimono, shawls, dusters… wow. and she vamps on etsy- beaded, fringed… all beautiful.


make it – inspiration – learn calligraphy

19 Sep
September 19, 2014

i’ve been at a loose end since the kickstarter didn’t fund. there was a bunch of bad news that week… our basement reno went crazy over budget, the year long freelance opportunity i thought was coming, fell through, and then the cherry on top – no go on the kickstarter. it was… painful. all of it. and although in the long run, i DO think things will work out in other ways… i’ve been… down. and searching. trying to focus on things i really enjoy. it’s hard with two very small humans in the house to tackle bigger projects. so, i’ve been hunting down inspiration for things i can do in the 5-minutes-a-day category. enter calligraphy.

i’ve long been a proponent of beautiful handwriting. i think i probably have about 5 different handwriting styles myself. the idea of learning modern calligraphy has been on my radar for a while. Read more →

wear it – hair inspiration – fall

18 Sep
September 18, 2014

my hair pinboard (yes, i’m that girl) is a bit of a schizophrenic mess. long, short, bangs, one length, dark, blond, pink… i’m all over the place. and every time i cut my hair to chin length, i’m always so happy. but every time i grow it out, i’m also so happy. and bored. hair is a boring, boring subject.

BUT! i’ve decided to do something DRASTIC with mine, and would love an opinion. tell me what you think. right now my hair is all one length, all one color (plus some greys), thick and right at shoulder length. do i keep growing, or hack. hack. hack. it’s the age old question. help me decide.

read it – fall edition – september

17 Sep
September 17, 2014

fall is one of my true favorite times to read. it starts getting chilly, and dark. what’s better than settling in with a book? here’s this month’s list. there’s one true, true gem in here. wait, two. ok, i loved a few of these books. alright, let’s be honest, i’m never very harsh in my judgement of books. i loved them all, but there were a couple where upon closing, i thought… oh, i’ll read that again. a few times. i’ve also been downloading COPIOUS amounts of samples to find my next books, but ALWAYS love getting recommends. send me the name of the best book you’ve read this year, and i’ll be your new best friend. unless i’ve read it. then, we’ll just be regular friends. list after the jump… Read more →

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