read it – fall edition – september

17 Sep
September 17, 2014

fall is one of my true favorite times to read. it starts getting chilly, and dark. what’s better than settling in with a book? here’s this month’s list. there’s one true, true gem in here. wait, two. ok, i loved a few of these books. alright, let’s be honest, i’m never very harsh in my judgement of books. i loved them all, but there were a couple where upon closing, i thought… oh, i’ll read that again. a few times. i’ve also been downloading COPIOUS amounts of samples to find my next books, but ALWAYS love getting recommends. send me the name of the best book you’ve read this year, and i’ll be your new best friend. unless i’ve read it. then, we’ll just be regular friends. list after the jump… Read more →

wear it – midi skirt – fall

16 Sep
September 16, 2014

just when i think i’m going to get all nuts, and do something drastic with my wardrobe (like the capsule), i round up photos of something i’m craving, and i want them ALL.

these midi skirts seem to have the ease of a dress, but could just as easily paired with a graphic tee as a twin set (let’s be real, i don’t own twinsets FYI, but it’s a nice fantasy). i also think they’d make the transition from warm to cool, SIMPLE. flats or boots, bare or tights, i love a good multi-season garment.

i sometimes think blair sadie bea (top left) of atlantic-pacific is my style unicorn. and i’m quite sure, judging by this write up on the coveteur, she does not believe in anything as minimal as ‘the capsule’. maybe i don’t either.


i want a pony – pattern trend

10 Sep
September 10, 2014

i’m not ashamed to admit in fourth grade that i was OBSESSED with horses. so much so, that my friend and i used to run around whinny-ing and galloping during all of recess. it seemed like a worthy aspiration at the age of 9 to want to be a horse someday. actually, i’d probably still like to be a horse. how amazing would it be to stand around eating, and now and then, run and jump over stuff… oh, to dream.

giddy up! 1- gap sweatshirt, which feels like it was ‘inspired’ by this stella mccartney, but at 1/10 the price, who’s complaining. 2- i love this photo. it’s so… warm and horsey. by rachel hertz. 3- this was a complete pinterest find, and now i’m in love with all their product- by joules. 4- a girl and her horse- so cute. (could not find photo credit, but seems to be somewhere on this site). 5- i don’t remember having horse dolls as a kid, but i might scour goodwill for a few since these are tres cher! 6- not sure about product info- but a solid horse sweatshirt nonetheless 7- this dress is adorable, the end. 8- another cute sweatshirt with horses all over, by finger in the nose 9- i found some horse wellies, but they were pink (and hideous), so i gave you these instead. which would completely work for mucking stalls, AND they’re LIBERTY of london, so posh, too.

vote for it – kids sock packaging

09 Aug
August 9, 2014

packaging!! exciting! i defer to experts on things like graphic design, and josh is amazing. he did our Small Socks logo, and i love how playful it is. but now on to harder things… packaging decisions.

trying to put into words what you want in a package is challenging. i wanted it to be simple, quirky, retro and also have an element of texture. for each of these versions, there’s something i love… A- so clean. B- bigger shapes and that pattern along what will be the sides of the band, and C- i love so many things about C- the offset, those retro colors working together…

BUT! i’d love to hear what you think! vote in the poll below, and let’s get the band around our socks decided!


online poll by Opinion Stage

do it – crowd funding

08 Aug
August 8, 2014

when i was trying to explain to my mom what crowd funding was… i was trying to really put into perspective what i was going to ask for. the simplest explanation i could give was, if i asked every person i know for $10, and i know 100 people, i’d have $1000. but i’m starting to realize i left out a significant detail to that idea. i’m not asking anyone to give me money. i’m saying i need help funding production of a product, and if they give me the money now, i’ll give them the product in a couple months. so i decided to write out some basics to crowd funding as an explanation to friends and family who haven’t heard of it.

  • kickstarter and indiegogo are crowd funding sites. people use these webistes to help fund ideas they have.
  • if you have an idea, and you think it would appeal to other people, and you need money, you make a project, and ask people to help you fund it.
  • when they pledge money to you, you have to give them something in return- i’m asking for help to pay my factory. when the socks are produced, i will send them to all the people who pledged money.
  • kickstarter is an all or nothing funding model. you set a goal, and if you don’t reach that goal, you don’t get any of the money. indiegogo you can set a goal, and even if you don’t reach it, you get whatever you were able to raise.
  • if your project is successful, you have to supply all the backers with whatever you promised. in my case, i’m promising socks. after the project funds (fingers crossed) i’ll have a bunch of people who want socks, and money to buy the socks to send them.
  • i didn’t just come up with this idea, and put up a video. i’ve been working on starting a sock line for over 6 months. it involved logo and identity, setting up all the paperwork with state and federal, finding someone to film a video, writing a script, applying to a bank for a line of credit (the factory won’t start without it), figuring out packaging for 3 pair packs and 6 pair packs (different packaging), researching all the different types of shipping methods, building an online shopping website, building a media kit to send to media outlets to get the word out, and the easiest part for me- designing the socks. which in itself involved researching trends, deciding a color palette, doing the initial designs, and then going through revisions. the designs that you see on kickstarter were changed no fewer than 5 times. some of the changes were to the artwork, some were changes in color.

i don’t undertake the prospect of asking people to buy socks before they exist lightly. i don’t think i’d ever ask anyone to give me 40k with just an idea in my head.  samples are being made for these socks as i write this. i just had a call with my factory this morning about packaging.

so after reading a little bit more about what i’m doing, i hope you’ll consider buying some of my socks. i’m really asking everyone i know for $20. when you send me $20, i’m going to send you some socks (and stickers!). some really cute socks i dumped my whole heart into. you’re getting a bargain.  ;)

i hope you’ll consider give TODAY!  here’s the kickstarter.  xoxo- k.

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