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Shipping Policy

I ship any physical item by putting it in a usps flat rate envelope or box, hopping in the car, with my two kids+dog, and dropping it at the local p.o.

until i get a better system going (i like to think of mailperson as anti-social, he avoids talking to me), this is how it'll be done, and to that end, it might take a couple days. please be patient as i figure things out, and i promise to get better at it.

if you feel you've been overcharged for shipping, do get in touch! i will happily check the cost online, and refund anything that's due back to you.

Return & Exchange Policy

PDF files for modern embroidery patterns and modern cross stitch patterns are non-returnable, although- i'm always open to feedback, and i do want you to be happy with your purchase, so get in touch, and I'll do everything I can to make it right.

if you purchase something physical from my site, and are not satisfied, let's figure it out. i can exchange it for something similar, or ship it back, and i'll refund the purchase price.

most of all, i want the things you purchase here to give a little joy. if they don't, i want to hear about it. my goal is to have excellent customer service and items you come back for. if you feel i'm not hitting that bar, let's talk.

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