how to make it – fitted crib sheet

12 Nov
November 12, 2014

i’ve always wanted to do a tutorial. and then i start compiling the photos, and i think… ugh. i hate this. i would not want to look at this. so i started noting which tutorials i loved. they were usually beauty related. they were very tidy, pretty, and brief. so… that doesn’t always lend itself to describing how to sew something. but, i’ve tried. i’d love to hear what you think! more tutorial after the jump! 

this sheet is pretty easy, and very easy to crank out in a day (even with two kids stomping all over your fabric). there was an immense feeling of satisfaction putting this on the crib mattress and having it fit PERFECTLY. i will say, i’m a corner cutter (ha ha, see what i did there), i don’t pin, i like to eye things, i’m not a ‘trimmer’… let’s face it, it’s probably laziness (or i start getting confused if i measure too many things?). i read and watched many tutorials that were very picky about the casing. and most of the tutorials had elastic going through the whole thing, which in my mind… not necessary. i was going to do NO casing, but then checked out a couple sheets at home (one specific one from ikea) and decided cased elastic on the short ends- workable. so you don’t even really need to make the casing go all the way around, but you’d probably end up doing the turn/turn edge anyway… i just left it.

i think that’s all my thoughts. sorry the info graphic is so long. i tried to break it up, and make it easy to understand. i’d love to hear your thoughts! also, i did a matching crib duvet cover (the kid’s duvet from ikea) with the sunglasses fabric from the first photo – see here on instagram. not as quick to make, but SO gratifying {and cosy!}! in 3 nights i had completely new winter bedding for my little one (with the much needed change-out spare sheet) for under $50. LOVE. also as a side note, i’m not a huge fan of joanns (their flannel is cheap, not wide enough, what’s up with 42? and shrinks like a mutha!) but with the 60% off sales they’ve been having lately (hello! $2.50!?!?) no brainer.


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