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28 Jul
July 28, 2014

sooooo.  yeah.  i do like to cook.  i do.  but between our basement being finished, and starting a business, and working freelance, and… oh, right.  two kids.  i don’t get to cook, and i don’t get to go out to breakfast like i used to.  and let’s be honest.  i used to love a good boozy brunch, but you know who’s a buzz kill?  a 3 year old.

boo hoo.  so every once in while, i peruse pinterest for some easy to make breakfast fare that will impress my children, make my husband fall in love with me all over again, and satisfy my brunchless life.  it’s a tall order.

i found this recipe and thought… i could try that.  and the sad part is, i think i looked at the recipe once, got the general idea, bought a few things at the grocery store, and then promptly forgot i was going to try it.  but on sunday, we had run out of just about everything, then i found the canned biscuits, and i was like… oh… yeah!

but the recipe calls for two cans.  and a cast iron skillet.  which i have, but haven’t seasoned.  loser.  so then i made this in a pie dish.  which kind of worked, but i think i over did the sugar/cinnamon, and then i really overdid the frosting (you think it’s not possible, but lo, it is).  i liked the general idea, and can definitely envision some modifications and potentially some other uses.  like some apple pie filling (!) rolled up in there, served warm with some ice cream.  YUM.

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