make it – half-square-triangle quilt throw

07 Aug
August 7, 2015

this quilt was a much overdue thank you. a good friend stayed with our toddler while we went into the hospital to have a baby. about 2.5 years ago. ok, so i’m a little behind.

it was such a load off our minds that he was hanging with a friendly face, and probably having a blast, i resolved to make something special for her. then you deal with a baby for about a year (or 18), and life, with all it’s thank-you projects, gets put on hold.

i’ve finally started carving out some time, and making myself tackle a few things… this was my first finished full size quilt, and i couldn’t have been happier that it’s going to a good home, and will get used and loved.

the cause of all this gratitude is in the third photo… always ‘helping’. cutie.

want to make your own HST throw? here’s a great HST tutorial to get you started. xox-k.

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