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The Doll Revolution 

Know what you didn't know you needed? More dolls in your life. Srsly. And recycled ones at that. The idea came purely from shock at the absolute quantity of amazing dolls out there. Take some of them, find their 'things', find their amazing clothing bits, find all the things that made them so compelling, and resell them. Affordably. That's it. That's the idea. Saving one adorable doll from a landfill at a time. Plus, giving you the opportunity to get her for yourself (or someone else!), find her shoes, complete that playset you had as a kid and *play again*. Offering two lines currently, with more to be added, plus working on patterns and a monthly subscription club. Talkin bout a revolution (groan)!


Monster High Dolls

Made from 2008 - 2016 (plus the in-between years with Skullectors, and currently in production to launch again) the original Monster High dolls are AMAZING. Finding their original items at Goodwill, thrifting, yard sales... feels like literal pay dirt. These ghouls are a fave for good reason. We list original played with dolls and clothing items, accessories, play sets, occasionally NIB old/new dolls and now, new/new NIB dolls.


Ever After High Dolls

Mattel's Companion series to Monster High, but make it Fairytale. These ladies are just as sought after, just as creative in their lines, and offer companion play to their Monster sisters.


Original doll patterns + Subscriptions

Currently working on creating several lines of clothing for 11.5" dolls- including: shorts, sweatshirts, screen tees and shoe making. We hope to offer kits and patterns so you can make along with us. Want to get cute doll items delivered every month- US TOO! So we're going to scour the interwebs (at a price point) and put together 'DOLL CLUB'. I know! We're *also* squealing, and we don't even now what it is yet!

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