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get on board: thread winders

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

in the vein of imparting my addiction to: all things frivolous, i give you- thread winders. i have approximately 2. and i have ebay stalked hundreds. why? pretty little things that are useless and lovely, are an obsession. i mean- just look at this! can you resist?

i am powerless in the face of such beauty.

anyway, if you've stalked any yourself, you know they are not cheap. rare victorian sewing notions carved from shell rarely are. so... here you go. the easiest alternative i can give you.

print them and cut them out, or, if you have a cricut, let that robot do all the work. WORK ROBOT, WORK.

alright- i hope you enjoy. and if you share your winding prowesse on the ole IG, tag me, i'd love to see! #winditlikeaboredvictorian #needleplusthreadmakes xoxo- k.

just for some ideas about winding, here are a few more inspiration images.

of course french general knows what's up.

look familiar? mine are based on these. the woman who sells this stuff on ebay is my spirit animal.

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