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i swear to you, and this is coming from a lady who gets excited about a lot of things... I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS FRAME! did you spend 84 zillion hours stitching the cutest thing, and then you went to the store to find a frame to put it in, only to find they're not even close to what you want? ME TOO.


So i made this. with like... literally, my own two hands. and my husband's hands. and a laser. and a handheld trim router. you get the idea. there were a lot of tools involved. many hands. the mom tagging crew. internet strangers encouraging me. canadians encouraging me. it takes a village.


and here we are. the cutest flower shaped frame to pop over the hoop frame of your latest stitchy project! I have multiple colors listed, but no photos of the frames painted yet, because, on top of woodworking, search engine optimization, booth merchandising, and marketing, i'm only one lady.  i promise to get more photos up, but my goal was to have this listed prior to my holiday booth spots. HAHAHAHA. i'm doing my best, jan. FR FR.


* sidenote- if you're unsure what size you need, feel free to message me. i think to start, it will come with a hoop that fits it, but if you need to know which size to get, i gotchu! message me and we can decipher it all together. second consideration- i like my hoop to show, if you want your hoop covered, check the *other* hoop frame listing. this is for the exposed hoop. the other one will be for covered hoop.

exposed hoop BBLFLWR frame

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