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this was my very first pattern, that i shared with exactly two people. since someone has finally made it (RADDDDDD!) i decided it was ready for the world. here you go world, push the button.


(*winks* at prodigy fans)


you will receive a pdf file to make this quilt, and a coloring sheet of the layout so you can try out colors before you cut.



push the button quilt pattern

  • i'm all for brevity. the end.


    just kidding. i like things simple. i like less words, and more doing. i think my pattern style reflects this, and if it can be said with a picture, it most likely is. my goal is to write patterns that are short. as short as they can be. that means they might not have mass appeal, but... there we are. this pattern, is one page. two if you count the coloring sheet. less to read, less to print, just... less. if you're new to sewing, and there's not enough info, these might not be the patterns for you, or maybe they are, and you love to google how to do things? i don't explain how to make HST's, i don't call out fabric usage, i don't give lists of supplies. my guess is, if you're here, you know what to do. so get to it. ;) xoxo- k.

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