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2024 summer of making

I've been planning. i've made lists, crunched dates, sourced supplies, revised, and revised again. these are the camps i'd have wanted when i was a kid. i mean, i went to camps in the 80's, anything was an improvement on feral. but! my hope is that i provide space, supplies, a tiny bit of instruction, and they're empowered to create from their own ideas. we'll have the weekly themed framework and field trip, each day will have a topic, but ultimately, they can follow the topic, or follow their own ideas. my goal is inspiration, and the supplies and space to make it happen. these are the 5 weeks of 2024 summer camps. i can't wait to hear what they want to do, and get your kids making.

*please note, i've done everything i can to keep the content of the camps high, and the size of the classes low. to that end, supplies, gas and insurance need have been factored in. so your kids can keep creating, supplies from each session will come home with them.

paper week - june 24th - 28th - 5 x 4hrs total 20 hrs, $300 - register a little, register a big here

confirmed supplies: deckle screen, mixed media paper pack, small ink set, brayer, gel plate, neutral pH glue, (these supplies come home with your child)

stretch goal - access to letterpress/riso, photo sensitive supplies, flower press

possible field trip - art store, book binder or museum with mixed media showing

mon - intro to journaling, art collage & paper making, demo, making paper

tues - intro to mixed media and gel plate transfer. image hunt, collage creation

weds - field trip (location TBD)

thurs - journal binding from our handmade paper or available paper

fri - finishing our collage journals and finish remaining collages, show & tell

additional exploration as time allows- pressing natural elements, photography and photo printing, sun paper exploration

printmaker week - july 8th -12th - 5 x 4hrs total 20 hrs, $300 - register a little, register a big here

confirmed supplies: lino blocks, lino cutter, printmaking screen, paint set, paper pad, 1yd test cloth, t-shirt (these supplies come home with your child)

stretch goal- access to riso, access to letterpress

possible field trip - print shop (pike place press) or maker space with riso

mon - intro to block carving, demo, block carving, printing on paper and/or fabric

tues - what is repeat? how-to hand drawn letters, carving day 2, starting project #2 or continuing project #1

weds - field trip (location TBD)

thurs - intro to screen print, make a screen (screens or freezer paper), print on fabric

fri - exploring practical applications, creating one last print/block, making a t-shirt, show & tell

additional exploration as time allows- lithography, transfer, lego print making

sewing week - july 22nd-26th - 5 x 4hrs total 20 hrs, $300 - register a little, register a big here

confirmed supplies: sewing kit, scrap pack, embroidery kit, choice of project kit, t-shirt (these supplies come home with your child)

stretch goal - access to embroidery machines, this week will largely be determined by the students in the class. some kids like focusing on hand sewing, some kids want to try machines. i'll leave it open, and i'm usually able to accomodate different paths.

possible field trip - museum with garment collection (mohai or SAM), eileenfisherremade or filson repair studio

mon - intro to sewing, choose your adventure - hand embroidery kit or hand sewing exploration kit

tues - intro to machine sewing (quilt block, garment/bag making, stuffie making), work on project #1

weds - field trip (location TBD)

thurs - additional machine instruction/exploration, finish project #1 or start project #2 (pencil bag or stuffie)

fri - more machine time and/or embroidery instruction, work at your own pace, show and tell with projects

additional exploration as time allows- clothing construction, embroidering or modifying existing clothing, visible mending, garment reconstruction, quilts

creature week - august 5th - 9th - 5 x 4hrs total 20 hrs, $300 - register a little, register a big here

confirmed supplies: sewing kit, felting kit, clay, clay tools, arugumi kit, t-shirt (these supplies come home with your child)

stretch goal - seeing a 3D visual effects workshop, access to a potters studio

possible field trip - Funko for character development or a performance venue for visual effects studio

mon - intro to 3D characters, and project #1- felting

tues - project #2 - clay

weds - field trip (location TBD)

thurs - project #3 - arugumi (for those interested) or finishing #1 or #2

fri - more time/instruction on current projects, or help with starting any missed, show & tell

additional exploration as time allows- tiny clothes making, using paint and pigments for alteration, creating molds and mold making. my husband has multiple 3D printers, if there's interest/time, he can show us 3D modeling/printing.

choose your own adventure week - august 19th - 23rd - 5 x 4hrs total 20 hrs, $300 register a little, register a big here

confirmed supplies: anything needed to make the project you pick

stretch goal- getting access to tools or resources as determined by your child: the library, maker space, tool library, 3D printer, laser printer

possible field trip- mopop, mohai, print press- TBD

this week is largely determined by what the kids want to do. was there a week previous that you missed getting into? this is the week to do it on your own! did you want more time to explore another idea? get more instruction or time on a sewing machine? let's make it happen. each child registered for this week will either get a structured plan, or time doing precisely what they want. i know when i've taken classes, and they provide open studio time, it's a nice way to loosely work through something, but still have support as needed. consider this that week. 4 days of studio, 1 day of field trip, all decided by the kids. i'm even open to exploring things not covered in any previous classes. fabric dying, marbling, millniering... lets get creative!

booking and cancellation details- classes are first come, first serve, and once full, we will begin a waitlist. once you book and pay, that spot is yours. unless we have a confirmed waitlist recipient, i will not be able to do refunds, so please do not book, unless your student is ready to commit. if you have an emergency, i will consider partial refunds, but these fees are going towards purchasing supplies, booking field trip excursions, and insurance for your student to be with us. since I am one person doing many jobs, i take your booking to mean your student will be here. weeks in advance, specific supplies for them will be bought, and we will prepare studio space for them. under this framework, cancelations are possible, but refunds are not. we look forward to seeing each of our artists this summer, and thank you for joining us!

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