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catchy titles are overrated... but how about... #goals

looking how i feel, going into 2022

the year changed. we had a holiday or two. it feels the same. 2022. nothing comes to mind. so, i'm continuing... most of the things i was working away at in 2021. and 2020. homeschooling. finding an alternative to public school. staying alive, and being aware how to help keep fellow humans i come into contact with alive. i keep reiterating to myself- find the bright spot. so... as that's been on repeat in my head for a while, that's a goal going into this year. are there a lot of bright spots... unsure. it feels easy to get weighted by news. and rhetoric. and the idea that we're constantly pitted against anyone who feels differently than we do.

heroes are plugging away. i constantly read about momsdemand doing the slow work of gun rights reform. one of my fears with kids going back to school is the idea that CHILDREN shouldn't have to learn active shooter drills. my 8 year old shouldn't have a better idea of what to do re: being in the vicinity of a person with a firearm than i do.

bright spot. bright spot... over the month of december my littlest and i became consumed with monster high dolls. i baked cookies and decorated (half decorated- srsly, labor intensive!) gingerbread houses with both kids. we played online games, and shopped for special ornaments. we visited our neighborhood bookstore multiple times, and listened to hundreds of christmas songs. it wasn't 100% planned, but we decided to tear down a wall in our son's room (used to be a home office) and now we've gained 100 square feet and what feels like epic amounts of room for as they say in 'step brothers' ACTIVITIES. both exciting and scary to update in such a large way.

i finally did some sewing. made a pattern for an idea i've had for ages (next photo). what started as something i couldn't quite get a handle on, turned into something i'd like to make a whole quilt of. one of my strengths has always been hand sewing, but i've avoided (completely) applique (too many failed attempts). it's intimidated me, but i think it's one of those sewing processes that you need to see someone who knows what they're doing, do it. a fine use for youtube! i feel like for the pattern i made, i found processes that work amazingly, and i can't wait to make more. i'm also going to try my hand at (get this!?!?!) TATTING!!!!! #oldladyhobbies member for lyfe!

applique' round flowers are bomb

as i reflect on this year, and what it's taken... sanity, joy, camaraderie- i most want to connect with real people. i have AMAZING friends. like... 8. only TWO live within seattle limits. i want to make some new friends? is that even possible at 40... however old i am? i feel like covid has left me feeling... alone. which is crazy with 3 other people who are constantly also in this house. are we weary? so, SO! weary. are things getting better? no idea. measures need to be taken to improve my spirit. perhaps i need a laguna level spa day (below)... hahaha. by myself. in my own bathroom. oh! and i meant to list some #goals... is that even a thing anymore. are resolutions a thing in a pandemic? 1- stay alive 2- also stay alive 3- keep staying alive... i kid! ok- for realz...

1- daily walk (literally 15 minutes. daily. is that so hard? apparently)

2- daily draw (my littlest loves to draw. i used to? i'd love to draw with her every day)

3- daily purge (see a theme? i'm looking to make some new habits i guess. we've accumulated things we don't need. the bonus of having so much space, as opposed to our old house- TEENY. i want to be more... less. i want to make a daily errand to get rid of something. anything. big or small.)

that's it. that's the list. do you make resolutions? goals? share them! tell them to me! help me get inspired to keep trying. help me cheer you on. that's what i've got so far. happy new (pandemic) year. ;) xoxo- k.

spa lagoona is #goals

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Heather Darval
Heather Darval

I have felt so alone too. These past two years have been a real hit on my feelings of community and friendships. Kept the kid home today because it feels terrifying to send them in person but I also feel crazy and alone. Like I want to hide forever but also I want real community. Weird as it sounds reading that you are feeling that too made me feel way less alone. So here in this city, know we are sharing in the darkness and maybe that will bring some light.


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