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friday, thankfully.

it just struck me. there are women i follow on twitter, and many more on instagram, and... i just... love them. like... i wish i could call them up, and ask them where they found that cute photo in their hallway. what's the story with the coveralls? how on earth do they keep rocking heels (seriously, what's the trick)? what did they really think of that book? how can we be a graceful example of growing older, when no grace is given to women growing (and showing that growth) older?

and then i read a quote from one of my absolute favorite people on earth (in my head it was said in her voice), posted by a woman who is constantly an example of grace personified, and i thought: be it. be what you want to see. and it was so simple, i felt like barfing.

that is to say- there are women all over the place, who i have sought out, who i have found, who are what i want to see. michelle obama embodies it. she rests in it, and eats it for every meal. i can't with that woman. what she must have ENDURED. and she was... kindness. light. exuding strength and grace. i want to bask in her voice. her perspective. i hope she continues to share her wisdom and light, but i will 100% forgive if she never gives it again. we barely deserve it.

the quote from michelle obama: Here is the secret, I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of, I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the UN; they are not that smart.

so- here's my mission. and trust, i have A LOT to say. i'm going to seek. seek and share. you need some soul juice? i got you. i've been collecting. curating. and i didn't even realize it, until... today? maybe? if you want examples of women who are crushing being women, in this world, that is half inhabited by women, but zero percent geared towards us- here you go. i want to share them. women aging (gasp! right?). women thriving. they are who i need to see. and luckily, my brain knew that, and has been following. reading. realizing. absorbing. coming to the conclusion that they are more of what i want to see, instead of this perfect, flawless, stylized, HWP garbage society peddles towards us to make us feel like buying something to fix xyz. i'm done fixing. i'm ready to get on with it. c'mon. xoxo- k.

yellow brick home - today my kick in the pants came from kim, talking about her live she did yesterday, where she shared her skin routine. and before you get eye-rolly (make-up. really?), she always looks exactly like what i wish i looked like, but just... don't. clean face, minimal make-up, just... lovely. she looks... lovely. always. i look... tired. and... defeated. (i joke. ok, not really) anyway, i was scrolling, and she shared that michelle obama quote, and i got really... nauseous? i don't know. it resonated. she just always has... the goods. home diy's. couch refreshes. cutest dog in the universe? best room naming award. tips on making things work. i always find something worth implementing. love her. and if you start anywhere, pick today's 'weekender'.

designmom - i found designmom years ago. decades? possibly. before kids. and i'm unsure how to convey what i love more. her ability to live within a conservative establishment (the morman church) and be an advocate for gun sense, reproductive health, human rights, being a creative, or her ability to refurbish a 500 year old home and lay brick. why choose. i friggin love both. also, she has thoughts on feminism that make me want to pick up a megaphone and go door to door spreading the good word. her ability to make large issues into small consumable threads is spot on, and if you read any of them, start with the gun sense one. also? following on twitter has by far made me love her more, but she's started screen capturing bits from twitter and posting to IG. i will confess, i relish seeing double doses of her acuity.

drjengunter - i'm giving her IG, but i far prefer her twitter. however, i know not everyone loves twitter. BUT. if you want to hear real stories, from real doctors, verified for their realness, on a platform not owned by facebook, i can't recommend twitter enough. i have learned more about epidemiology, immunology, my uterus (that i've only had my whole life, but didn't start resenting till midlife), racism, sexism, feminism, racial disparity, and advocacy in the last 3 years on twitter, than i've ever learned anywhere else, ever. dr. jen was the start of it. i think there's something to be said for calling out someone for being wrong about something. it's not... your opinion, and my opinion. it's wrong. and if you're wrong, someone should say something to protect others. putting anything in your vagina (what a sentence) should not be a money making venture for a woman with no discernible accredited advanced vaginal knowledge. i'll stop there. dr. jen has taken on many foes of the vag. do you wonder about your body? what's normal? how it works? how what it does affects you? follow a gynecologist and listen to her stand up against brands trying to make money, by selling you crap you don't need, and making money off things that aren't actually issues. it's rad. and empowering.

i'm trying to think about how to close... disparate topics, but let's do it. the first. the real deal. talk about soundbites. and info. whoo-geez. there's a lot to process. but frankly, we're up to it. it has to be done. lynae vanee has some thoughts on the capital riot, and i am INTO IT.

and last, cause i like to end on a light note. you know i like roller skating boss babes, and there ain't a bad dancing reel out there. xoxo- me

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