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i rock the party that rocks the body.

of course not. not even close. however. i do love some lady mc's, and if you don't know that song, you need it. if you need a playlist of lady songs that will rock your body, i got you.

i've contemplated returning to a long form blog for a while now. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. the last 2 years have not been amazing. social media? less amazing. the current state of everything? hellscape. i keep second guessing what to contribute. actually, what i keep second guessing is deleting all SM accounts, and never getting online again. but. BUT. there are many women on many platforms i admire. i see what they post and think... ok. use it. use it for good. so... trying.

and this... this will be where i pour my heart out. HAHAHAHA just kidding. completely not kidding. covid times have taken every small scrap of social anything i used to have, poured gasoline on it, lit a match, tossed it over a shoulder, and slow-mo walked away, while smirking and tossing hair-commercial-grade hair. that is to say, i'm currently addressing the suckiest part of adulthood- lack of friends, and making new friends.

many people i had any shred of any commonality with have moved. several have dropped off the planet (but first sent mercurial and indecipherable missives, letting me know it was ME, and NOT them), several i used to see sporadically, it's become even more sporadic, and due to caring and homeschooling of kids 24/7, when i get a moment, it's usually spent in a quiet room trying not to hyperventilate.

it is the best month of the year, though. like... the best best. and my kids get their second dose of the vaccine this week. PRAISE THE BABY JESUS. if you do that. i don't. but! it feels like if i did, this would be the moment. it's given me some... relief? brain space. head room. i don't know what to call it. i only know how i feel about it, and honestly - i'm finding it harder to understand what's happening in the heads of those who won't get a shot or cause problems about wearing a mask. it's not usually around here... but reading about them, seeing them on videos... it really guts me to see so many who can't be bothered to think about someone other than themselves. or, and this is where it gets slightly personal- feel like they understand what's REALLY going on, and you're just sheeple who can't think for yourselves. in the words of Ms. Lyte- just back off me, and let my skin breathe. amen woman. a. men.

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