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fund a dream

ok, this might be lengthy. I've been thinking about this for... a while. this idea? it started pre-covid. and as I adapted from teaching high school students in an office, and then teaching my kids full time at home, and now... doing... like, the bare minimum... I want more. I want to be in my community, talking to actual people, learning from one another, teaching classes to kids again, trading for things I want or need, selling items to fund giving away art supplies or books or... more dolls... I want this... dream.

and so, as I sold a bunch of dolls, the idea started forming. what if I could come up with a 'thing' that I would enjoy. enjoy designing, possibly enjoy selling (I detest being a salesperson), and the sale of it would help me come up with enough money to procure a space to have classes. host meet-ups, and swaps and stitching circles (ohmygod someone find me a space, pls!!). organize free art supplies. hide books and fabric and sewing machines from my husband. jk, jokes honey, if you're reading!!!!

when I had enough money to move forward on creating this product, I had a journal produced. but if I wanted to buy this journal, what items would I want to come with it? pens? sure. stickers? duh. sticky notes? perfect. yes! washi? uhhhh, really? a coordinating, heart shaped, page corner bookmark? have you lost your mind? ok, so all of that later... they're here. they're ready. and I'm doing my best brave face, but I'm anxious. I think they're amazing. they literally come with everything you need to kick off a serious journal habit. they were a roller coaster to produce, but I learned some things. and now I have... hundreds of journals to sell, and if I sell every single one, I'll have money to get some summer classes organized, with kits, and content. I could look for a location to possibly rent for said classes.

do you have kids that want to learn hand stitching or needle felting? do you want to come to a book night, where you can swap books with like minded readers and discuss things you've read, and maybe eat snacks? what about a Saturday night craft along, but in person, working on whatever you've got, and hanging out near other people, with no expectation to be social, if you're not into that, but every opportunity to do it, if that's your thing? a monthly kids craft night? 'share a skill' swap meet ups. have you ever wanted to try paper marbling? appliqué? macramé? I am a lady chock full of all the ideas! but first... journals. do you need a journal? because these journals translate to dreams being realized, and right now that's the idea. sell journals, fund dreams. to dreams! xoxo- k.

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