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organize that - target knows what's in your heart

coming from a woman who has the physical desk she had as a teenager (not this desk, but my downstairs desk, *eye roll*, oh, and don't worry, i'm going to have an upstairs desk too!), that technically STILL has things in it from that era (TI-85 ANYONE???)... my every day desk is a HOT MESS. it has been since we moved in. and strangely, or not (???), i'm usually down with a messy desk, but like the insides to be TIDY. but i never came up with a process for this desk... or... an order. my kitchen is honestly kind of a free for all. and my desk has been the least of my worries.

and i've been focusing on what i need to do (but only in my brain), and during that introspective period, i was standing in target, trying (unsuccessfully) to remember the last thing i needed, and i stopped at this end cap that was full of all these magically stacked little trays. AND THERE WERE BLUSH PINK ONES. and i thought... YES TARGET, YOU KNOW ME. like you do. and since they were $2 a stack, i bought like 84.

of course... i came home, and promptly let them sit on the counter for 5 days. i'm telling you- Free. For. ALL. but this past weekend, i busted out some cleaning. decided my desk will no longer be an unimaginable chaotic DUMPSTER. i took everything out, put like with like, threw away one million things, admired my embarrassingly LARGE collection of glitter. and stickers... (are you really 44?), and then methodically started putting it all back together.

doesn't tidying feel good? hallelujah. xoxo- k.

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